Monday, October 21, 2002

Well it's Sunday, the day of rest...

I've packed most my things in the bedroom now, all I need to do is sort out the date. It should be a week from today, if all goes as planned. We are set to paint on Wednesday or Thursday... Ahhh, I can't wait! I'm telling you...

So weird moment of the day I'm sitting in my room it's about 3pm, I've got Velvet Goldmine on the TV playing... My cellphone rings, I think to myself, "Oh, it's gonna be William calling on his break." But it isn't the guy on the other end asks for Crystal, I tell him, "There's no Crystal here, you have the wrong phone number." The conversation continues as this, "Oh, well who is it I'm talking to?" "This is a private number, I don't know where you got the number from, which phone are you trying to dial?" He states, "Err, well the phone number is off the phone now, I'm calling from a payphone, who is it I'm speaking to?" I get a little pissed off at this point and say, "Look, this is the wrong number!" and I hang up.

Fucking weird people. *Grumble* Anyway... I think William's upset with me. He wanted to come see me tonight but I told him I didn't want to be out late, as I have to be up tomorrow morning at 5am to catch the bus to make sure I'm at work for quarter to 8 in the morning. Anyway, he aparently bought me something from the Flea Market on Saturday and wanted to give it to me. But Frankly I'm tired of having to see him at night and we're out until 11 or 12, I liek to go to bed at 9-10ish. And the reason he has to wait to see me until the night is because he has to be around when his ex drops his kids off, then he has to put them to bed. Speaking of which I STILL havn't met them, it's been nearly three months. But I'm just so tired all the time now, and it's screwing up my schedule, I'm always late for work and such. It's not anyone's fault mind you, but I need to be a bit careful at work with the way things are going and the late nights out arn't doing much to aid.

I miss him, it's been 2 days! *Chuckles* I -want- to call him up and ask him if he'll come see me tonight, but I know it will lead to another late night. Oh well, I have my monthly friend anyway, it isn't as if we'll be hooking up for some extra nookie.

And my catfish died, woke up this morning and they were floating on the top. *Cries* I guess I should have bought a filter for them, the poor little dears. Next time I'll know better. R.I.P Sly, Sakura and Hatori. *sniffle*

So my Aunt is living here now, she's 68 and fucking annoying. She tells you how to eat, dress, wash your clothes, wash YOURSELF and she's driving everyone nuts. Thank god I only have a few more days of this. Right now she has my laundry, aparently I don't wash my clothes the right way and she's doing them for me. *shrugs* all the power to the old bat, let her do them if she really wants to. I can deal with that.

William and I have discussed alot of things recently... And I know I said I'd never re-marry... But now that I've found someone I'm so compatible with, I don't see it as such a bad thing anymore. I mean we have this amazing connection. Speaking of William... Here he calls... Finish this in a bit.

*laughs* I'm pathetic... Well, he's coming over tonight, we're going for coffee... Screw sleep I need my man. I'm going to go look into Spousal Abandonment on the Canadian government site and see if there is a way around this Divorce I have to look forward to. Catch you all later.

Love you!

Damn, didn't get to update yesterday... Anywho. Not much happend today, I had to get up after only four very restless hours of sleep, so my stepdad could give me a ride in to town. I ended up spending 2 hours at the coffee shop, drinking so much coffee I was bouncing off the walls for the remainder of the day. Now however I'm -REALLY- fucking tired, I can barely even keep my eyes open.
Came home, packed all my shit up save for the bed, a few clothes, TV and PC. Everything is ready to move. Thursday we paint it all up nice and pretty, for sure. I'm gonna call William later, talk to him briefly then I'm going to crash. I spoke to the Ex yesterday... It was polite. He's sending my CD's to me finally... Which was really cool of him. After I begged for months of course. *chuckles* And my catfish are still dead in the tank. I havn't brought myself to clean them out yet... Mainly because I'm freaked out, but oh well. Tomorrow I don't work until 3:30pm, so I have all morning to get used to the fact that the Dead Rotting Fish are going to have to get flushed down the toilet at some point or another.

My mom got bit by something weird... Her eye is all swollen and red. I keep telling her to go to the doctors... She states, "I'll go tomorrow if it's bad." Which basically means, "I'll go if I'm bleeding profusely from the eyes and ears." *sigh* Mean while if it was me or her other kids she'd be in a frenzy... Mothers huh?

I seriously hope my monthly friend is gone tomorrow, I'm sick of this bleeding stuff. It's really not a comfortable feeling. Sometimes I wish men could have it, just once... But don't all us women say that sort of thing? And here I classed myself as "not your typical gal" Ho hum, I'm getting ornery in my old age.

Something else of brief interest for you folks. My spine has actually started to curve inwards, just like my mothers. Which means in the next span of 10 years I could be just like her and have a rare form of M.S. Yay for me and stuff. I hate genetics, I fucking hate heretitary diseases. SOMEONE REALLY NEEDS TO FIX THIS DNA SHITE.

I just smoked a joint with my mom, some hashish. Yum. I feel all calm and stuff, save for the tingling sensation in my limbs. Grrr, I wish my step father would QUIT yelling, he has to be the most uptight stressed out man I've ever known. 6 more days until I move out, the countdown has begun. Mmmm.

Well I'm off to play my RPG some then I'll call William and THEN I'm going night night.

*ZonKs OuT*