Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Well, its been almost a week since I last posted, things of any real interest
that happend to me...

Saturday night I went to Ceasers Palace in downtown Toronto, 45 minute drive,
smoked a joint and we arrived at the club at about 10pm, stayed until 1 in the
morning... Let me fill you in on ceasers palace *Grin*
Its a flesh club, lots of flesh, lots of musky smells and yes... You got it,
it's a strip club. Women dance downstairs, men are upstairs, we went to watch
the men of course. I laughed hard... All these muscle bound men with huge cocks
and 'perfect' man meat looks. They all looked so generic. They were dressed as,
(not in any particular order) Navy Sgt, Police man, Fireman, construction
worker, Gladiator and something in all leather. Which of course made me laugh
any harder.

There was this one, called "Enrique" who kept walking back and forth infront of
me, finally I gave him ten bucks and said, "Look, I don't want or need a lap
dance, I'm here to laugh and have a good time, not get all hot and horny
without actually getting any of the -goods-, so you can stop walking by and
looking like a big sad puppy dog and go away." He looked a little miffed and
But seriously, we were surrounded by a room full of fat and older women with a
few hot attractive females there for stags or birthday parties... It was just
-wrong- these older women must have shoved thousands into the hands of these...
Men that night, all just for a tease. Why? These men arnt turned on by you, its
their job, they don't think about you the way you're thinking about them. ARGH!
It just baffles me.

Anyway, we ended up getting him at 2ish and smoked another joint in my
driveway, laughing hysterically at the nights fiasco's and high points.

Other then that nothing spectacular has happend to me, I booked a couple of
weekends off work in August to have me a party somewheres, I'm just going to
start saving heavily for school and my car, I'm going for my licence soon.

Oh, and I make this rather... lude movie of me, right? In return for lude
pictures... And I spend 6hours sending it to said person and they don't say
jack shit about it! Gah! How rude is that?

Men suck.